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Nice Lily

Lily likes to play with crayons and pencils


Holy Sadie

Sadie never took her eyes off me.
She had a dark soul.

Dreamy Honey Now


Crazy Layla

When Layla appears, she brings an
eternal summer along.

Creative Zoe

Zoe never had the patience of her sisters. She deliberately punched the bear in his face.

Warm Oscar

Oscar is a decent man. He used
to clean porches with pleasure.

Sweet Marley

Marley tried to convince her but she was not interested.

Glowing Ruby

Ruby did not need any help.
Everybody knew that.

Charming Roxy

Roxy was my best friend. She'd cross any border for me.

Fresh Bubba

Bubba likes to appear out of thin air.

Wild Romeo

Romeo never knows what he wants. He seemed
to be very cross about something.

Strange Dexter

Dexter had his own strange way. You could watch him training ants.

Free Sarah

Sarah likes to watch clouds. She's quite depressed.

Silly Chico

Chico's main fear was missing the morning bus.

Faithful Milo

Milo went to the woods. He took a fun ride and never came back.

Passionate Julia

Julia dances in the deep dark

She loves the smell of the ocean

And dives into the morning light

Thoughtful Goliath

When Goliath comes out, you should run.

Tender Hera

Jolly Winston

Happy Selena

Selena is a tiny-winged bird.

Noisy Terry

Plain Phoebe

Strong Apollo

Apollo's last game of
pool was so strange.

Dark Kira

Lonely Steve

Steve was afraid of the Boogieman.

Cute Moses

Moses loves to run after butterflies.

Dynamic Jazz

When Jazz starts to chase cars, the whole world stands still.

Funny Ming

Ming sits in the corner the whole day.
She's into crochet.

Altruistic Lexi

Each and every friend is special. Lexi won't hide a single cookie.

Messy Duke

Duke is very bored. When he looks at the sky, he feels to run.

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